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Drug & Alcohol Evaluations

Compass of Hope Counseling is now offering substance abuse evaluations. These can be court ordered or voluntarily requested. Substance abuse evaluations look at the whole picture and give recommendations to help. If you have additional questions, please call us to learn more! 603-824-3555

Court Ordered Evaluations 

Evaluations are generally completed in 3 one -hour-sessions. If the court ordered, we will need your discovery, arrest report, criminal history, and a report of your driving history with narrative and court order.  Our evaluations are completed by a master licensed alcohol and drug counselor (MLADC).

Payment for Services 

Unfortunately, insurance does not reimburse for substance abuse evaluations. The cost for court ordered substance evaluations is $500.00. The fee includes the 3 one-hour sessions and report that is written to provide to the court and/or give recommendations.  

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