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Child Counseling

Helping kids with emotional concerns and transitions

We work with children as young as infancy using a variety of evidence based treatment approaches including dance movement therapy, play therapy, CBT, DBT and EMDR. If your child is having a difficult time with new transitions or school we are here to help. Children often don't know how to voice when something is wrong, so if you suspect your child would benefit from services, schedule an intake with one of our dedicated professionals who can help determine the best plan for your child. Preventative treatment is the best treatment for kids! 



  • Initial phone screening

  • Diagnosistic Evaluation 

  • Parental consent from both parents (or parent with medical decision making)

  • Court Parenting Plan (If applicable)

  • Parents willing to help with homework assignments

The therapist's role is to provide psychotherapy services not to assess fitness for custody, serve as an advocate on other issues or act as an expert witness. 

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